Bertha Von Suttner

1843-1914 / writer, public figure

A member of Austria's high aristocracy, Bertha was a writer and peace activist who worked as Alfred Nobel's secretary. In 1876, shortly after getting married, she and her husband settled in Georgia for 10 years, where they were hosted by the queen of Samegrelo, Ekaterine Dadiani.

While living in Georgia both Bertha and her husband were active writers and journalists. In Zugdidi Bertha wrote her novels "Bad Person", "Hanna", and "Inventory of a Soul". In 1885 she returned to Europe.

Her most famous novel, "Lay Down Your Arms!" (1889), has been translated into many languages and published many times. Apart from her writing career, Bertha made a significant contribution to the development of the pacifist movement of her time. In 1905 she was the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. It should be pointed out that it was precisely Bertha who inspired Alfred Nobel to offer the prize in the first place.