Eleonora /Lola/ Ter-Parsegova-Makhviladze

1875-193? / public figure

Eleonora joined the Georgian Social Democratic Workers' Party in 1902. After the Manifesto on the Improvement of the State Order was published on 17 October 1905, the Sukhumi branch of the Batumi Committee of the Russian Social Democratic Workers' Party (whose leaders included Eleonora) took control over the governance of the city of Sukhumi and replaced almost all of the tsarist institutions there. She was imprisoned for this in 1908 and twice again until the 1917 revolution.

In 1918 she was elected to the founding congress of the Georgian Democratic Republic, under the Social Democrats' party list. In 1921, after the Soviet takeover of Georgia, she got involved in the underground anti-Soviet movement. After the anti-Bolshevik revolt of 1924, she took part in efforts to revive the operation of the now illegal Social Democratic Party. In 1925 she was elected to the still-banned party's central committee.

A special commission set up in the Georgian SSR arrested her in 1926 and exiled her out of the South Caucasus. She returned in the 1930s and worked as a private teacher. The date of her death is unknown.