Liza /Elisabed/ Nakashidze-Bolkvadze

1885-1937 / public figure

In 1904 Liza became a member of Georgia's Social Democratic Party. She worked among peasants in Guria. In 1905, she supported the Mensheviks when the rift appeared in the party.

On 20 March 1917 Liza was elected chair of the Gurian Women's Society.

In March 1918 she was a candidate for the central committee of the Social Democratic Party. In 1919 she was elected to the Georgian Democratic Republic's founding congress under the Social Democratic Party list. She was a member of the labour committee.

After the Soviet takeover in 1921, she got involved in the anti-Bolshevik underground, for which she was arrested and exiled in 1923. After returning home, she continued her anti-Soviet activities and was again arrested and exiled. In 1937 she was executed in Krasnoyarsk on charges of leading a counterrevolutionary organization. Her name was rehabilitated in 1956.