Ana Kalandadze

1924-2008 / poet

 Ana's first published poetry, in Literatura da Khelovneba in 1946, met with great success. That same year an evening devoted to the works of the 22-year-old poet was organized that brought her universal acclaim in literary circles. Nonetheless, it was only in 1953 that her first collection of poems was published.

Alongside her success came criticism, namely accusations of "formalism, hopelessness and apolitical-ness". The censors removed a number of poems from her first published collection on this basis. Subsequent collections were published in 1957, 1960, 1967 and 1976. Her poems have been translated into Russian, English, French and Polish. Many songs have been written on the basis of her poetry.

Ana was one of the most popular Georgian poets of the 20th century.  She is a laureate of the Shota Rustaveli and Galaktion Tabidze awards. In 2006 she was granted a Saba lifetime achievement award for her contribution to Georgian literature.