Despine Gelovani-Banovani

1880-1934 / writer, public figure

The short stories, sketches, ethnographic works and letters from Lechkhumi of Despine Gelovani (literary pseudonym: Banovani) were published starting in 1898 in the Georgian journals Iveria, Tsnobis Purtseli, Shroma, Megobari, Isari, Temi, Amirani and Sakhalkho Gazeti. The majority of Banovani's letters criticized the wilfulness of local landowners and tsarist officials.

In 1905-07 Banovani participated in the revolution and was an outstanding public figure in Lechkhumi. There she founded several libraries and headed groups of theatre lovers. In 1920 she moved to Tbilisi. In 1928 she published her novel "I Will Find Justice with Blood" in the journal Mnatobi. In her expansive historical novel "Distant Apparitions" (printed in 1959-60) Banovani portrays the realities of life in Georgia in the 17th century. She also wrote and published short stories. 

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