Nato Gabunia

1859-1910 / actress

Nato began her acting career at age 16 in Gori and soon after she gained popularity in Tbilisi as well. In 1879 she became a permanent theatre troupe member. In 1880 her first benefit performance was staged, for which Akaki Tsereteli specially wrote a play. In 1882 she married dramaturge Avksenti Tsagareli, whose "What you have seen, you will never see again" and "Khanuma" (written specially for Nato) were among the biggest successes of the stage of that era. For years Tsagareli tirelessly wrote and translated plays for her.

In the early 20th century, it became clear that Georgian theatre was in need of modernization. This led to painful changes that affected Nato. She lost her position in the theatre troupe. She therefore began touring Georgia and enjoyed great success staging plays in various towns.

Nato Gabunia died of pneumonia on 16 August 1910. The day before her death she performed her favourite role, Khanuma, in the town of Kareli.