Nino Abashidze-Orbeliani

1838-1919 / poet, actress

Nino had a difficult and tragic youth. In the 1860s Nino's poems were published in many journals: Tsiskari, Droeba, Iveria, Kvali, Teatri, Teatri da Tskhovreba, Sakhalkho Gazeti, Tsnobis Purtseli, Nakaduli and Jejili.

In 1861 she played the role of Makrine in Giorgi Eristavi's play "Separation" and later in his play "Eclipse". It was in these roles that she established herself on the stage.

From 1879, she was a member of the Society for the Promotion of Literacy among Georgians and helped manage its finances. In parallel, she performed in the plays "Daria", "Pictures from the Knight in the Panther's Skin", and "King Lear".

In her old age, her life took a tragic turn. She died alone and in extreme poverty in 1919.