Lecture Series: “Women in Armenia: Searching for the Lost Queens” (2015-2016)

Women’s Resource Center Armenia has prepared feminist lecture series on initiative and financial support of Heinrich Boell Foundation. First series of lectures took place in September-November 2015, while the second series was organized in May-July, and September-November 2016.

Interdisciplinary lectures were prepared and presented by lecturers, experts and activists of different background. 


Topics and authors of 2015 series:

  1. September 17: Myths about “Dangers” of Feminism: the Perception of Feminism in Armenian Society (Anna Voskanyan, Social Work Expert);
  2. October 1: “Feminism on Hold: How Divergent Concepts and Economic Interests Created a Disabling Environment for the Emancipation of Armenian Women” (Nvard Manasyan, Education Expert);
  3. October 15: “Women’s movement in Armenia” (Anahit Harutyunyan, PhD in linguistics, author of the book “The Century of Distinguished Women”);
  4. October 29: “Women in Politics and Political Language/Texts in Armenia” (Ruzanna Tsaturyan, Ethnographer);
  5. November 5: "Ways of Being a Feminist: Angry or Glamorous Feminists, Feminist Killjoys, 'Feminazis" (Tamar Tskhadadze, Philosopher);
  6. November 12: “Women and Armenian Mass Media” (Anna Gevorgyan, Expert in Iranian Studies);
  7. November 26: “Women’s Art versus Feminist Art. Categories and Contradictions in Contemporary Art Practices of Armenia” (Susanna Gyulamiryan, Head of the Laboratory of Art and Cultural Studies).

Based on the above-mentioned lectures, 6 articles have been prepared, which were published in Armenian language. Besides that, articles were translated into English and uploaded to our web-site too:

1. Anna Voskanyan - Myths about "Dangers" of Feminism in Armenian Society;

2. Nvard Manasian - How Divergent Concepts and Economic Interests Created a Disabling Environment for the Emancipation of the Armenian Women;

3. Anahit Harutyunyan - Lessons of History: Public Activism of Armenian Women in 19th and early 20th Century;

4. Ruzanna Tsaturyan - Women in Politics and Political Texts in Armenia;

5. Anna Davtyan-Gevorgyan - Women and Mass Media;

6. Susanna Gyulamiryan - Women's Art versus Feminist Art: Categories and Contradictions in Practices of Armenian Art.


Topics and authors of 2016 series:

  1. May 19: “Militarized Masculinity and Violence within the Army” (Milena Abrahamyan, MA in Conflict Studies);
  2. May 26: “Unearthing the Gender Discourse in Armenia: from Hysteria to Constructive Dialogue” (Anna Harutyunyan, PDH Student);
  3. June 2: “Gender Quotas: Pro and Against “ (Tamara Hovnatanyan, founder of Pro-Media NGO);
  4. June 16: “Women's Bodies in Serve of Ideology in Georgian Cinema of 20th Century” (Tamta Tatarashvili, MA in Gender Studies);
  5. June 30: “Marriage Law and Marriage Culture among Ottoman Armenians, 1876-1914 “ (Hasmik Khalapyan, PHD in History);
  6. July 7: “Woman in Higher Education: Unequal status or Equal opportunities for Advancement” (Narine Khachatryan, Phd in Psychology);
  7. September 19: “Ideology and Gender in Soviet Georgia” (Maia Barkaia, Phd in Gender Studies);
  8. October 28: “The Problem Sex-Selective Abortions in Armenia: Reasons and Consequences” ( Anush Khachatryan);
  9. November 10: “Neoliberalism and De-politicization of Feminist Movements” (Anna Nikoghosyan, MA in Gender Studies);
  10. November 15: “Coming Home to Ourselves: Feminist Explorations in Yoga and Meditation” (Hasmig Tatiossian, NGO Stega- a Perfect Union).

Based on the above-mentioned lectures, 5 articles have been prepared, which were published: Gender Discrimination: Army, Media, Politics, Marriage, Education.