Julia Mlokosevich

1872-19?? / Biologist / Naturalist

Julia Mlokosevich was born in Lagodekhi, Georgia in 1872 into the family of the famous naturalist Ludwig Mlokosevich. From an early age, her father instilled in her an interest in the natural world.

It’s well-known that at age 17, Julia accompanied her father on an expedition aimed at ascending to the summit of Mount Ararat. Julia herself very nearly made it to the summit.

Julia received her higher education in biology in Peterburg. She was particularly interested in botany and entomology; she carried out experiments and observations on wild birds, and tried to breed and domesticate them. In 1910 she became a member of the Russian Entomological Society.

Julia studied the various plants found in the Lagodekhi Gorge and created descriptions and drawings of them. On 20 April 1900, close to Lagodekhi waterfall, Julia discovered a plant which was unknown to science at the time – “phurisula”. She sent a sample of this endemic plant to Yurev, to Professor Nikolai Kuznetsov, who later named this plant ‘Julia’s Primrose’ (Primula Iuliae).

Julia also played a significant role in establishing the reserve at Lagodekhi. When she discovered that a large part of Lagodekhi’s forests would be given to the Kuban military regiment for training purposes, she immediately informed her father’s colleagues, among them Professor Kuznetsov, who read speech before the Imperial Academy entitled “Lagodekhi Gorge as a Natural Monument that Requires Protection”. This report by Nikolai Kuznetsnov hastened the issue of turning the Lagodekhi Gorge into a nature reserve.

Julia’s name is mentioned in the Collected Works of the Yurev Imperial University’s Botanical Garden.