Anna Dziapshipa
ანნა ძიაპშიპას ფოტო

Anna Dziapshipa (born in 1982, Tbilisi) is a filmmaker and producer, with experience and a professional background in art history, film production, cultural management, experimental video, and documentary filmmaking. Her works often explore the transformation of physical borders into memory and identity. In addition to producing and directing, she collaborates with various international and local independent platforms and organizations. Her works are featured in international film festivals and art exhibitions. Anna is a co-founder and director of the documentary film company Sakdoc Film (, co-founder of DOCA Georgia (, and founder of Ava ( Anna is also an initiator of various training programs and workshops supporting documentary filmmakers in Georgia and the South Caucasus. Anna is a 2022 Fulbright scholar in 2022 of the faculty development program at the University of Arkansas Department of Communication.