Ida Bakhturidze
MA in Gender Studies, Tbilisi State University

After graduation of BA program, Ida has cooperated with different local NGOs. During 2011-2013 she was working for the Women's Fund in Georgia. She has also participated into research projects, mainly, in the sphere of domestic violence and violence against women. Now she is working for WECF - Women in Europe for a Common Future's Georgian office as a Gender Programme Coordinator. Ida is one of the authors of the platform "Women from Georgia". Besides professional activities, she is engaged in feminist activism since 2011. She has been member of Independent Group of Feminist since its foundation. Now she is activle involved with Women's Movement of Georgia. Her research interests are: oral herstories, femicide and gender-based violence, feminization of migration, modern feminist activism in Georgia, women's political participation and gender-based quotas, women's labor rights and economic empowerment. 





20 September 2017