Woman’s Identity in the Georgian Visual Art: Pagava, Iankoshvili, Kvesitadze, Khizanishvili

Over the last thirty years woman’s identity in Georgia has undergone significant change and this transformative process has not yet been completed. Significantly this shift was predetermined by a corresponding radical revision in the global economic and social paradigms. As it happened in many other countries, women in Georgia had to leave their traditional social roles and alongside men take active part in the capitalist labor marketplace.

By Nina Mdivani

Welcome to Heinrich Boell Foundation South Caucasus's feminist web-site!  This platform will be exclusively dedicated to our gender democracy projects.Gender democracy is one of the basic principles of Heinrich Boell Foundation. The concept postulates equal rights, opportunities and access to resourses for all members of society. We proudly present the materials, which have been collected during our work in South Caucasus region and which will be constantly updated.

Feminist Library

The LGBTI rights and the Revolution

The political party of the revolution leader Nikol Pashinyan – the Civil Contract – was founded in 2015, and it did not even mention the rights of LGBTI in its founding documents and programmes. 

By Arthur Minasyan

A Story about Armenian Emancipation: The Long Way to the Dawning


I woke up knowing that this time around there would be no way to reach the center by car. The morning of April 16, 2018 was going to be busy for many that had been fed up with cronyism, corruption and complete isolation of the government from its own people. The leader of the parliamentary minority had called on the citizens to block the main roads, bridges and other key intersections. It was already the third day of the peaceful standoff between the disenchanted citizenry and the ruling elite. 

By Nvard Manasian


Women Speakers

Anna Dziapshipa

Anna Dziapshipa has an experience and professional biography in art history, film producing, cultural management and experimental video. She is co-founder of documentary film company SakDoc Film.

Ketevan Khutsishvili

Ketevan has been working with different kind of marginalized groups since 2012. Most of her practice work has spent with lgbtqi community and children, who are in a child protection system.

Women's Museum

Aneta Dadeshkeliani

1872-1922 / Poet / Philanthropist. Aneta Dadeshkeliani wrote poems and published them in the contemporary press. She was in involved in the work of the Society for the Spreading of Literacy among Georgians and took part in their activities. 

By Rozeta Gujejiani, Ketevan Khutsishvili

Julia Mlokosevich

1838-19?? / Biologist. Julia was born in Lagodekhi, Georgia in 1872,  in the family of famous naturalist Ludvig Mlokosevich. She has contributed to establish the Lagodekhi reserved territories. 

By Eva Lomtadze

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