Women Speakers

No more panels without women!

“Women Speakers” is a database of more than 40 biographies of women from the South Caucasus. It aims to make visible knowledge and experience of women, who work in the different spheres of public or civic sector. The qualification and expertise listed here strikingly reminds us that women are still under-represented as speakers at various public events. Fairly enough, the page “Women Speakers” has a very clear message: Women’s voices should be heard! No more panels without women!

To ensure the above mentioned we present women Heinrich Boell Foundation collaborates with. We invite them as experts, speakers or moderators under the frameworks of various projects, among which Public Debates should be pointed out. We strongly support balanced representation of men and women on public events, which is a basic organizational principle of our work.  

We believe that gender democracy should not be seen as a long-term goal, but something, that can be achieved here and now.